Spark Plug Function

  1. Burn the fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber (Ignition).
  2. Energy dissipates heat away from the combustion chamber (Transfer).
  3. Indicators of combustion in the engine.


  1. Specially designed and best suited for Honda motorcycles.
  2. Able to withstand the thermal shock up to 2.500 ° C.
  3. Able to withstand the voltage from the coil to 30,000 V.
  4. Capable of withstanding pressures up to 50kg/cm ² combustion explosion.
  5. Using materail corrosion resistant metal.
  6. Longer lifetimes.

Honda Spark Plug components:

Insulators are made from high-grade aluminum ceramics. Meanwhile, the basic curve and Metal Shell Insulator there will function as adhesive and preventing leakage of gas from the combustion chamber.

Metal Shell is made of solid steel and heat resistant material. In the middle of the electrode insulator embedded copper to conduct electricity and heat well.

End of the center and side electrodes are made of heat-resistant Nickel Alloy.

Innovation U-Type and V-Groove spark plug Honda uses technology U-Type and V-Groove Electrode Spark plug in, so that performance can be further optimized by Spark ignition resulting perfect.

How to Care Your Spark Plug:

  1. Do check the spark plug every 4.000km.
  2. Measure the spark plug gap between the ground and center electrodes. If the gap is greater than 1mm, do the replacement spark plugs.
  3. Do not adjust the size of the gap, because the gap adjustment by way of hit will result in ignition of focus.
  4. If there is sludge residue, wipe / wash with gasoline. If not, then immediately do the replacement spark plugs.