A warm welcome for Khairul by Boon Siew Honda at KLIA

Kuala Lumpur, 22 July 2016 – Khairul has received a warm welcome by Boon Siew Honda and his family in the late evening of Friday after he landed safely at KLIA.

The victor of Moto3 Germany last Sunday– Khairul Idham Pawi – came out from the international gate at 11pm and received a big welcome by Boon Siew Honda together his family. Such a young teen with his outstanding achievement who always portrayed a humble personality can hardly be found nowadays. Khairul will always melt the heart of his supporters with his signature smile.

On behalf Honda Team Asia, Khairul proudly handed the Moto3 Team Award to Mr Zulhelmi Bin Ahmad, Assistant Manager of Boon Siew Honda Motorsport, as a symbol of recognition towards Boon Siew Honda effort in developing such talented rider who not only make the Honda brand proud but also the whole nation of 30 million people.

In the interview, Assistant Manager of Boon Siew Honda Motorsport Mr Zulhelmi shared that he has faith in Khairul and confident that he will continue to excel in his upcoming nine matches. Mr Zulhelmi strongly believes that with such a constant achievement from Khairul he will continue to bring victory for Malaysia and uplift Boon Siew Honda name to another stage in the arena.

The ceremony ended at 11.30pm by sending off Khairul and his family to depart from KLIA.

Additional Comments:
Mr. Nobuhide Nagata (CEO and MD of Boon Siew Honda): Malaysia MotoGP will be held at Sepang Circuit from 28th to 30th October 2016, it is going to be a grand event for Honda in MotoGP as compared to previous years whereby there will be approximately 300 to 350 convoy participants and sophisticated design of booth to enhance this event in overall. Honda is as proud as Malaysian on Khairul’s achievement and we will always support Khairul. In terms of Honda Motorsport (Asia) direction, Boon Siew Honda is going to bring you more surprises on upcoming media event. Please stay tune.

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