Boon Siew Honda Obtains First Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) Certificate For Motorcycles in Malaysia

Penang, 18 August, 2016 – Boon Siew Honda Snd. Bhd. (BSH) announced today that its four motorcycle models have been certified as the Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEV) from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) on 1st August 2016. Being the first motorcycle manufacturer to have EEV-certified models, BSH will continuously provide Malaysian customers with attractive products with lower CO2 and better fuel efficiency.

The Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) is a vehicle that meets the carbon emissions and fuel consumption standards issued by the Malaysian Automotive Institute (MIA) in the New Automotive Police (NAP) 2014. In case of motorcycles with engines between 101cc and 150cc capacities, the EEV certificate will be granted to a model that consumes less than 2.2 litres of gasoline per 100 kilometres.

From BSH’s CKD model line-up, four models, EX5 Fi, Future Fi, Wave Dash (Fi) and Wave Alpha are certified as the EEVs. Among them, three models, EX5 Fi, Future Fi and Wave Dash, consume 1.8 litres of gasoline per 100 kilometres, which is 18% better than the EEV’s regulation benchmark.

While the Malaysian government aims to make 85% of the total vehicles production to be EEVs by 2020, today, 83% of BSH’s production (January to July) are EEVs, coming from the certified four models. BSH is committed to continuously introduce new models that meet the EEV standards for the Malaysian market following the government’s policy.

About Boon Siew Honda’s Environmental Initiatives:

Honda established the Environmental and Safety Vision in 2010 to, “Realizing the Joy and Freedom of Mobility and a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life”. Aiming to be a company that society wants to exist, all Honda business operations globally are engaging in the reduction of all kinds of environmental impacts, beginning with greenhouse gas emissions, which are considered to be a cause of climate change, and energy and resource use.

In Malaysia, BSH continuously introduced motorcycles models that meet international environmental standards to the market. In 2013, the company took the first step to introduce Wave 110 that meet the Euro 2 (European Emission Standard) in the Malaysian motorcycle industry. In 2016, BSH launched RS150R, meeting the Euro 3 standards. The company also introduced the Fuel Injection (Fi) technology on small displacement models, such as Wave Dash Fi (110CC). All these initiatives demonstrate BSH’s commitment to save the environment in Malaysia, following Honda’s Environmental Vision.

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