Impian Honda Shop

Our “Honda 4S Shop” upgrades to “Impian Honda Shop
  • We, Boon Siew Honda will change our existing Honda Exclusive Shop from “4S Shop” to “Impian Honda Shop”. This is to boost our customer satisfaction’s level and social contribution.
  • From this change, we will improve our activities and increase our Honda exclusive shop numbers.
  • Previously our “4S Shop” consisted of 4 functions; Sales, Service, Spare Parts & Safety Riding. “4S Shop” was named after initial of “S”.
  • However we have more “S” like sports and social contribution to follow the current of the times and comply with social request.
  • “4S” is not enough function for customers. Customer has dreams that they want to purchase dream motorcycle and enjoy their lives with their motorcycles. And another dream that they hope safe and clean society for our children’s future. Impian Honda Shop and Boon Siew Honda would like to support their dreams and become our dream. This is the reason why we named “Impian Honda Shop”.
  • We would like to have your kind understanding and strong support on our Impian Honda Shop.
  • Currently we have 32 “Impian Honda Shop” to convert from “4S Shop”. On top of that, we have inquiries from more than 100 shops. Please expect that we will have new “Impian Honda Shop” more and more.
  • Our Impian Honda Shop will be started at the middle of March 2011 with CBR250R Market Release.
  • At the same time, we are now upgrading our multi-brand shop’s exterior. This is named “Select Shop” which we hope customers to “Select” our shops. We would like to improve “Select Shop’s activities to follow “Impian Honda Shop”.
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