• Career Advancement

    Seeking Better Career Opportunities in your life? Well we in Boon Siew Honda will be able to provide you vast opportunity to determine your own strength and passion. We respect all individual and believe each and every person is unique and has their own attributes which can be developed.

  • Wholesome Career Development

    “The more you learned the better you become’” has always been our motto in allocating job for our employees. Our employee will be given the opportunity to learn the whole spectrum of the job required and not only the specific portion of it in order to perform at a maximum pace.

  • Opportunity To Self Explore Ones Potential

    We need your ideas! Yes, indeed we believe that everyone has their own way of thinking and your ideas are vital for our company to achieve its goal. In Boon Siew Honda, we always welcome creative ideas from any level of employees and we encourage our employees to act on their own initiative.

  • Pleasant Working Environment

    “Knock Knock” is not needed in Boon Siew Honda as there is no divider/barrier that separates each and everyone of us in our open working environment. Through such environment, we encourage open communication among the employees or between the employee and the management. Close relationship among the employees is also easier to be established through such way in which will subsequently enhance the sense of belongings towards the company.

Thank you for visiting Boon Siew Honda Sdn. Bhd. Career Webpage. Keen to join us? We always welcome you to send in your resume to us for job application in our company. Interested candidate can deposit your resume into recruitment@bswhonda.com.my. Your resume will remain in our database and we shall notify you if you are short listed.