Human Resource & Administration

Human Resource and Administration (HR & Admin) serves as a vital supporting role in managing the asset of the company. In Boon Siew Honda, we have a team of HR & Admin which is friendly, patient and always sensitive to the matters surrounding the company. With the great interpersonal skills, our HR & Admin Team is always ready to support the company and to ensure the company perform at its highest level.

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing play a critical role in expanding the business, retaining the customers and moving in a team to achieve the Boon Siew Honda’s goals. In order to maintain as the one of the country’s leading companies in the automotive industry, our Sales & Marketing Team work together in conducting market research and analysis, developing marketing plan and perform strategic selling approach.

Corporate Affairs

Communication is the fundamental skill for Corporate Affairs. With an excellent communication skill, we have a team of professionals in Corporate Affairs who play a key role in communicating within and outside of the company. Our Corporate Affairs Team is highly sensitive to both external and internal matters of the company, provide the quality analysis to the internal stakeholders and serve as an advisor to ensure the success of Boon Siew Honda in these competitive environments.


Finance plays an important role in forming a stable backbone of the organization. In Boon Siew Honda, we have a team of specialists, who is honest, attentive, sensitive to figure and analytic in ensuring effective and efficient of cash flow into and out of the business. Besides, in order to ensure the financial health of the company, our Finance Team serves as a key person to work closely with the management from time to time on the financial situation of the company.

Information Technology

In an organization, it is important for the employee to access to reliable information, to store the corporate data and to share the data within the company in a highly secure method. In Boon Siew Honda, we have a team of IT Specialists to manage both the hardware and software of the company while to ensure the availability and security of the information. Besides, our IT Team also serves as the supporting role in providing technical guidance to all the employees.


As one of the manufacturing company, Logistics is vital for Boon Siew Honda in order to ensure the systematic flow of goods and services to the customers. Our Logistics practitioners maintain the stock levels in warehouse by ensuring the first in first out of the goods, and perform well planning to guarantee the on time delivery of the goods to the customers.


Motorsports Team is the stronghold of Boon Siew Honda which is build up by a number of professional mechanics and riders. The professional mechanics play a vital role in the modification and setting of the motorcycle to ensure the machine to perform to its maximum with the skill of our riders during any racing events. In the past racing events, we have successfully obtained numerous championship in which has brought us to the level of where we are now, on top of the motorcycle racing tournament.

Safety Riding

As a company that produce and sell motorcycles, it is important to ensure the users to use our products in a right way. Safety Riding Team is then formed in Boon Siew Honda with a number of training providers who have undergone professional training. Our training providers conduct the quality Safety Riding Campaign to the users, while ensuring the correct and safety riding skills are delivered to the users.

Spare Parts

In Boon Siew Honda, other than emphasizing on the production of quality motorcycles, we also emphasize on the supply of quality and genuine spare parts to the users. In order to do that, we have a well-trained specialist team who are both knowledgeable in spare parts and good in promoting and educating the users on the benefits in using the Honda Genuine Spare Parts. Besides, our Spare Parts Team also serves as an advisor, to provide advice and information on the spare parts to the users from time to time.


Production unit serves as the heart for Boon Siew Honda. With all means, we practice Joy of Creating to ensure the Joy of Buying from our customer and we move to achieve the company goals together. Besides, it is also our mission to the turn the essence inputs into valuable outputs to provide the best to our customers.

Quality Control

In Boon Siew Honda, we emphasize strongly in the Quality of all our products, be it motorcycles, spare parts, accessories and etc. We ensure our suppliers are reliable into providing the top quality raw materials according to our specification. We also strictly carry out final inspection process to every single unit of the finished outputs to assure the quality products to our customers.

Customer Service

Customers' satisfaction is always our priority. In Boon Siew Honda, we have a strong Customer Service Team with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Our Customer Service Team serves as a front line, to interact professionally and deliver the quality after-sales services to our customers. "Your Satisfaction is our Primary Concern" is our fundamental belief. With this belief, we care for our customers and our ears are always ready to listen to them.